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Jody Marshall

Founder and President


I was born in the Stampede City (Calgary, Alberta, Canada). I now call Vernon, B.C. Home. 


I am passionate about helping organizations (both entrepreneurs and corporations) and their people, become sustainable and profitable.  I have an undying passion and innate ability to find better, more efficient and profitable ways of doing things.


I am great at leading and coaching;  I am terrible at the status quo and at being a follower!

I have been a life long learner and I find myself excited everyday to learn something new.  I plan to write a book one day about all the amazing experiences and businesses I have been so privileged to observe, be part of and work with……….finding the time to write scribe the book will be the challenge!


This journey called “work” takes me away from home regularly, whether it’s around the corner or around the world.  I am lucky to have an incredible support system (an amazing wife and daughter, friends and family) that help keep everything pointed in the right direction.


I’m proud of who I am.........both the good and the bad

University of Tennessee 
University of Calgary

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology


S.C.M.P Designation

Lean Certification

Journeyman Parts Person

Georgia and Winston


These two amazing Lab's keep the office in order and make those "office days" entertaining. From sleeping all day (they are 12 years old!) to ignoring people who come into the office or snoring at the most inopportune times when I am on a call, these two are completely immune to how Sustainable Results Group is changing the world! 


Although both are now "retired",  these two amazing family members keep me company during those long office days. They are amazingly talented at letting me know when it's time for a break from the desk and screen or when they simply need a pet or cuddle.


They both think they are 20 pound lap dogs and will take every opportunity they can to climb up or on me for some love.  

Highly Socialized.

PHD in spotting inert or obscure objects outside.

Usually sleeping at my feet or in the "most in the way spot" in the office.

PHD's in sleeping and snoring. 
Will eat almost anything.

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